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Navagraha Sthalas Nine Temples and Tourist Attractions

According to Hinduism, Navagrahas are the nine planetary Gods. The destinies of human beings are controlled by these nine planetary gods. Each of the nine Gods is represented by a planet. Suriyan (Sun), Chandiran (Moon), Sewai (Mars), Budhan (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Sukkiran (Venus), Saneeshwarar (Saturn), Raghu (Uranus), Ketu (Neptune) are the Navagrahas. All the Navagraha Sthalas are famous. These nine temples are very famous and known to have dedicated to each of the nine celestial bodies.

Nine Temples

1. Suryan Temple, Tirumangalakkudi: Suryan temple is the first Navagraha temple which is situated in the small village Tirumangalakkudi, Tamil Nadu. This temple is dedicated to God Sun. Shrines of the other eight Grahas are also placed in this temple.

2. Chandran Temple, Thingalur: The temple of Kailasanathar (Sivan) of Thingalur which is located near Thiruvaiyaru is dedicated to Moon. Here on Pournami (Full moon day), once in a month elaborate poojas are performed by the devotees.

3. Vaitheeshwaran Temple, Sirkazhi: The temple Vaitheeshwaran, located near Sirkazhi is dedicated to Mars. Every Tuesday there is a procession of bronze statue of Angarahan (Sewai) which is placed in the temple.

4. Thiruvenkadu, Thiruverkadu: Thiruvenkadu is located near Mayavaram and it is the fourth Navagraha sthala. This temple is dedicated to Mercury.

5. Alangudi Guru Temple: This is a Shiva temple which is located at Alangudi near Kumbakonam. This temple is dedicated to Guru (Jupiter). This lord is also famous by the name of Dhakshinamoorthy.

6. Kanjanur Sukkiran Temple: The sixth Navagraha sthalas is the Kanjanur Temple near Suryan Temple. Here the main god Agnishwaraswamy is related with Venus.

7. Saneeshwaran Temple, Karaikal: This is a Dharbaranyeshwarar Temple which is located at Tirunallar, near Karaikal. Sani Peyarchi is the period when Saneeshwarar shifts from one Zodiac sign to another. On this occasion, devotees gather in large numbers.

8. Thirunageswaram Raaghu Temple: This temple is located in Thirunageswaram near Kumbakkonam and it is dedicated to Lord Raaghu. Here the main god is Lord Shiva which is in the form of Nageshwaran. This temple is having a big shrine of Raaghu and this is the only temple to have a shrine for Lord Raaghu (Uranus).

9. Kethu Temple, Keezhperumpallam: Neptune is the last god of the Navagrahas. There is a temple near Thiruverkadu which has a special shrine dedicated to Lord Kethu. This is the only known temple which has a shrine for Lord Kethu.

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