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Dehradun Tour Packages, Dehradun Travel Package

Dehradun got its name by coining together two words - Dehra/Dera meaning camp and Doon meaning the river valley. It is the capital of Uttaranchal. It is located in the Doon Valley. To the north of Dehradun is the Himalayan Mountains, to its south are the Sivalik ranges and the Ganges and the Yamuna flow to its east and west respectively. Through Dehradun passes the great water divide of the Ganges and the Yamuna. Dehradun was the residence of the famous teacher of the Mahabharata- Dronacharya, and so it is also known as Dronagiri. The elder son of the 7th Sikh guru - Baba Ram Rai founded the city of Dehradun in the 17th century. The Dehradun tour packages are a journey through this famous valley.

Dehradun Tour PackagesThe Gurkha Fort, which is located in the Tapovan forest area, is worth a visit. The Tapovan forest is famous for it is the place where Guru Dronacharya had performed his penance. One of the locations that you must see in your Dehradun tour packages is the Kalinga War Memorial. This memorial was put up by the British in honor of their enemy the Gurkhas. Then there is the Indian Military Academy known as the Chetewoode Hall in Dehradun. There is a museum in this academy which has military artifacts of the 20th century. Then there is the Rashtriya Indian Military College or RIMC, which converts children into responsible military cadets.

The Dehradun tour packages include a visit to one of the famous Buddhist monastery- the Mindrolling Monastery. This monastery belongs to the tradition of the Tibetan Nyingma. An ancient temple of Lord Shiva is located on the banks of a rivulet known as the Tapkeshwar Temple attracts many pilgrims from far and wide. Then there is the Sai Darbar Temple, which is very famous. Sikh guru Har Rai's son built the Ram Rai Darbar that is a famous Sikh pilgrimage.

In the Dehradun tour packages is included a visit to the Char Siddhs, which is a visit to four small temples. It is believed that if you visit all the four in a single day, then your wish will come true. At a distance of about 14 km from Dehradun is Sahastradhara - a sulphur hot spring, which has great medicinal value and can cure many ailments. Taking a bath in the Baldi River afterwards is a good rejuvenator. One of the famous constructions made by the British is the Clock Tower.

The Museum is among the largest Forest Research Institutes. Including the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology in your Dehradun tour packages will make your visit even more enjoyable. It is the finest study centre of the geology of the Himalayas. The Robber's Cave is a famous picnic spot, which is surrounded by hills. To add up to the beauty of the place, a stream runs from above to the underground and reappears again. The Tiger Valley is a good camping spot. Adventure tourism is one of the attractions of Dehradun and it offers good facilities for trekking. Your trip will be incomplete if you do not buy some Basmati rice while returning from Dehradun.

Visit Dehradun with our best priced Dehradun tour packages for a memorable tour trip.

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